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→created & crafted in Paris.
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Collection Printemps-Été 24

The birth of day.
A chanting in the distance supports the new dawn.
From the deep black of the night, comes a gray already tinged with energy.
Then an orange breakthrough that exists only in the first caress of the sun.
This almost inaudible green, ambrosia, and finally the majestic rays reach us, inaugurating bright, rich and nuanced whites and warmed up colors. A superb and unruly day is announced.
The fragments of sleep ramble disorientate digress the essence of the forms. It’s time for the possible.

Beauty of gesture.
BLUMKINE creates, elaborates and manufactures its collections in Paris

MILEVA dress


Oversize shirt

Embossed / crispy cotton

Milk color

is different
Women making garments for women
You'll love it..




The "slit" sleeve is a detail from the Renaissance costume: here an opening that reveals the skin


We design everyday elegance.
Thoughtful ・Soft・Versatile
Let us remind you that you are magnificent when you can move.


We manufacture our garments in Paris, in limited quantity.
Our partners, suppliers of fabrics are the most refined companies worldwide.

Making Fashion is an act of passion.
So should it be for buying Fashion.


We defend authenticity.
Real life, in opposition to an all-digital experience.
This website will give you -we hope- a nice glimpse of our work.
We recommend deeply to visit our pretty and peaceful store located in the artistic heart of Paris.

Rue de Tournon