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BLUMKINE is a creation house which celebrates French Couture’s know-how, while disrupting it with love..

Fruit of a thoughtful and audacious elaboration, each piece of clothing unites charm, comfort, and the idea of singularity. The clothes compose a distinctive elegance and joyful wardrobe, thanks to precious and comfortable fabrics of quiet hues. They harmonize from one season to the next, like the continuation of a reverie.

The house was founded by Théodora Blumkine in Paris in 2015.

Art and Manner

The adjustment of each garment of the collection is meticulous, takes its time and calls for many areas of expertise. First the fit. The creative idea nourished by the aspects of comfort and distinctive elegance. Then comes the volume elaboration : as tightrope walkers, we aim to find the meeting point between imagination and technicality.
Then the making, attentive to construction details that will meet the skin, and respectful of materials. Our finishing details come from Haute Couture : inside trims, hand seams, invisible hems, embroidered loops ... At last the microscopic. The thoughtful and delicate tangle of threads that forms a fabric.

Blumkine - Maison - art and manner - aviv top mock up

The Skin

The skin related sciences will tell that all comes into play from the inside, even the inside’s inside. The body cloth must protect the skin, accompany it with the highest softness. All of the fabrics that compose BLUMKINE’s collections are selected with high demand. They are fleshly beautiful, and visually soft. They originate from France, Japan and Italy, at experienced and contemporary weavers.
The choice of a collection’s fabrics reveals spontaneously, simultaneously with the first cut’s drafts. They are presented to one an other with the perspective of a marriage.

Blumkine - Maison - La peau et streep dress en doupion de soie et lin rose poudre